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Schoolplein Advocaten
Welcome to Schoolplein Advocaten, located in Goeman Borgesiuslaan 77, Utrecht.
We are specialized in the following fields of law:

Labor Law, public/civil servants law, asylum law, statutory rights and duties between neighbors, consumer law, law of persons and family, social security and aliens law.

Asylum Law
Asylum, that is to say, that which offers a foreigner protection against persecution of his government, has, in the Netherlands in the course of a relatively few years, become a very difficult claim to fight for. Although the number of refugees worldwide appears to be increasing rather than decreasing, our country is increasingly less inclined to offer them the refuge that is so crucial for their lives and welfare. Stories about asylum seekers who are victims of an increasingly stricter government policy, are ground between the mills of an official system where about every human measure is absent, is always in the media. It is also very important that during the asylum procedure, legal assistance is given whereby not only juridical knowledge counts, but also the interests of the asylum seeker as an individual. Our office tries to offer a desirable contribution. | Sitemap | Disclaimer
Schoolplein Advocaten