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Schoolplein advocaten
Schoolplein Advocaten
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Schoolplein Advocaten
Welcome to Schoolplein Advocaten, located in Goeman Borgesiuslaan 77, Utrecht.
We are specialized in the following fields of law:

Labor Law, public/civil servants law, asylum law, statutory rights and duties between neighbors, consumer law, law of persons and family, social security and aliens law.

Social Security
The social security law is a broad scale of rules which concerns a great part of Dutch residents. Under this falls other payments on the basis of the Unemployment Law (Werkloosheidswet WW), the law on disabilitiy (Wet op de Arbeidsongeschiktheid – WAO), that, beginning 1 January 2006 has changed to the Law on Income and Labor (Wet Inkomen en Arbeid WIA). Also under the Social Security scheme is the General Old Age Law (Algemene Ouderdomwet – AOW), the general Children’s allowance law (Algemene Kinderbijslagwet – AKW) and the law on work and assistance (Wet Werk en bijstand – WWB). | Sitemap | Disclaimer
Schoolplein Advocaten